BD’s Kings Dominion Summer Bulletin 2016

Spring events such as the grand Spring Bloom Festival may be over for the 2016 season at Kings Dominion, but the park is still promising a plethora of different attractions and events this summer, and we’ve compiled them all into our second season edition of BD’s KD Bulletin. Let’s dive right in and take a look at what the summer has in store for us at Kings Dominion!

Important Dates

June 23 – 25: Kingsfest

July 2 – 4: Star Spangled Celebration

July 9: Joyfest

July 16 – 17, 23 24: KidsFest

July 30: Passholder Ride Night

August 6 – 21: BBQ & Brew Fest [weekends only]

August 19 – 20: Coaster Campout

Attractions Debuting This Summer

Summer Celebration Series

A new entertainment concept is premiering inside the Peanuts Showplace in Planet Snoopy this summer. The Summer Celebration Series is a collection of three totally different shows, which will each run separately for a limited time before rotating out to the next show.

May 27 – June 12: The first show features the Jabali African Acrobats, an athletic group from Mombasa, Kenya.

June 24 – July 10: The next rotation features the ShenaniGuns Wild West Comedy Show. According to the park, the show involves “Sheriff Hopalong Casually and Deputy Leon Jones strap on Big Iron and face off against dimwit desperado Bad Bob and his bumbling baby brother Bubba Bob.” The park promises lots of humor, but I’ll be interested to see what this show actually has to offer.

August 19 – September 5: The final show is Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show. “The X-Games for dogs,” as the park touts it, the show will feature rescued dogs performing choreographed stunts.

Two New Music Shows

Two other shows join the park’s lineup this summer, both located on International Street’s Grande Bandstand. Playlist Live! is a daytime song-and-dance show featuring both contemporary and past pop hits.

At night, the second show, Rock the Block takes over as a massive block party, featuring dancing and rock music.

In addition to the new shows, Cirque Imagine opens for its second season in the Kings Dominion Theatre on June 20.

Events Happening This Summer

Kingsfest (June 23 – 25)

Kings Dominion’s signature music festival is coming back to the Kingswood Amphitheatre this summer! The Christian music event features singing, motivational speakers, and worship. Tickets are $32 per day for pass holders, $55 dollars for the general public (includes park admission), or $47 and $82 for the entire weekend, respectively.

Star Spangled Celebration (July 2 – 4)

This three-day event includes live military bands, street performers, and displays of military vehicles. Active and retired military personnel also receive free admission to the park during the event.

Joyfest (July 9)

Kings Dominion’s other signature music festival is also returning to the Kingswood Ampitheatre for the 2016 season. This event features uplifting gospel music, with singers including special guest Tye Tribette. Ticket prices range from $40 to $60.

KidsFest (July 16 – 17, 23 24)

This kid-oriented event hosts two weekends of children’s concerts and hands-on activities. The first weekend hosts Imagination Movers, and the second hosts Choo Choo Soul, which both perform in the Peanuts Showplace.

Passholder Ride Night (July 30)

As part of their new tradition of Passholder Ride Nights, Kings Dominion is opening the Candy Apple Grove area exclusively for pass members from the park’s closing at 10 PM until midnight.

BBQ & Brew Fest (August 6 – 21) [weekends only]

Chef Paul’s summer culinary festival is back for its second season in and around Old Virginia’s covered ivy tunnel. Guests can enjoy the Executive Chef’s fresh barbecue dishes, including ribs, and various craft beers sold by local vendors. There will also be live bluegrass music near the Carousel.

Coaster Campout (August 19 – 20)

Another second-year event, Coaster Campout lets enthusiasts camp inside the park. The cost is $250 for up to four guests, who get to pitch their tent within the park and then enjoy both late and early ride time on five of the park’s coasters. The event also provides meals, snacks, and drink vouchers. Last year, the campout took place in the grassy field under Dominator, but the park hasn’t stated where it will take place this year.

Well, that just about does it for the 2016 Kings Dominion Summer Bulletin! I am excited to see these exciting plans come into fruition as we continue on throughout this summer. As usual, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all of this, and more! And don’t forget to tell us what you are interested in happening this summer by leaving a comment below or by joining in on the discussion on the ParkFans Forum!


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