Final Halloween Haunt Photo Update

Fall is in the air, and come next weekend, screams will be in the air. That’s right–Halloween Haunt is less than a week away. I took to the paths at Kings Dominion to get one last look at the event’s setup before the Overlord unleashes his monsters into the park on September 30. By the looks of it, the park is almost ready for Haunt, so let’s not waste another minute!

For simplicity’s sake, we’ve divided this photo update into categories. The items in each category are listed in alphabetical order.



The former Club Blood building has been completely painted over to make way for the new maze. Surprisingly, Club Blood’s facade is back, and virtually unchanged from last year. Hopefully the park still has some work to do here, as the facade doesn’t quite fit Blackout’s theme yet; the back of the facade even still says “Club Blood.”


Cornstalks have been added to Cornstalkers’ layout, and the pigs have taken up residence in the small pen near the entrance. Cornstalkers is ready to go!

Doll Factory

Doll Factory’s sign has returned near Snoopy’s Space Buggies, and the massive doll head cutout is hiding out behind the Ladder Climb game. The prop is hoisted up into visibility only at night so as not to scare children during the day.


Since our last update, the only change is that one of the alien props in Flight of Fear’s queue has been given a gun. Obviously, the giant prison sets outside the hangar are still in place.

Urgent Scare (Maze of Madness)

The only change here is the electric chair animatronic has been added to the Maze of Madness facade. 

Update (9/29/16): According to the Haunt website, Maze of Madness has been renamed “Urgent Scare” and stripped of any reference to mental patients. This is likely in response to the firestorm of criticism Knott’s Berry Farm received last week after their new, similarly-themed maze “FearVR 5150” was perceived as insensitive towards patients with mental disabilities. 

No Vacancy

The entire facade for the Inn at Darkside Manor–also known as No Vacancy–is in place, including the mannequins and broken-down car. 

Tollway Terror

Some large-scale props recycled from the park’s old Miner’s Revenge maze, tombstones, colored strobe lights, and covered-up animatronics have popped up along Blue Ridge Tollway’s roadway.

Trick Or Treat

The park’s second new maze is the only maze with absolutely no visible signs of progress. The blacked-out building near the Grove Arcade looks the same as it always does.


Zombie High

Lake Charles High School’s facade is back near the old Hypersonic XLC station, and part of the fence that surrounds the school’s lawn has been removed. Next week, a big yellow school bus should occupy that space.

Scare Zones

Cleaver Brothers Carnival

The carnival is back in Candy Apple Grove, and it looks almost ready to go. The clowns, tents, gypsy wagon (Skeleton Key room), arches, and lights are all in place. All that’s missing are a few posters and banners near the entrances.

Feary Tales

With only two colorful panels and the Skeleton Key cottage set up so far, Feary Tales is by far the least-complete scare zone in the park.


Center Street has been completely overrun by IronWorx’s steampunk-themed props, and looks ready for Friday. IronWorx will be home to a new Skeleton Key room this year, but so far there are no signs of a new room or where it will go.


Old Virginia’s ghostly cemetery is completely ready for Friday’s haunting. The headstones, giant skull atop the waterfall, fencing along the bridge, and church (Skeleton Key room) are all in place.

Primevil: The Kuru Curse

Primevil has received the most drastic changes of any scare zone. The entire scare zone has been relocated from the labyrinth of foliage near The Crypt to the secluded straight path near Scrambler.

The Lair

A plethora of coffins and hanging bats have shown up inside Old Virginia’s arbor tunnel. The Lair looks mostly ready for opening night, except the area’s new Skeleton Key room is nowhere to be found and it’s unclear where the room will go.


Overlord’s Resurrection and The Bone Collectors

A tiered wooden set is being constructed for two of the park’s shows on the Grande Bandstand. The new brass band show, The Bone Collectors, will share the stage with Overlord’s Resurrection, which is back after a one-year hiatus. 2016 will mark the first year Overlord’s Resurrection won’t be performed at the front of the park, perhaps to better accommodate crowds.

Skeleton Crew

In past years, Skeleton Crew has performed on a temporary stage near Backlot Stunt Coaster in Safari Village, but this year that stage has moved next to Drop Tower, near Soak City’s entrance. Other than the relocation, the acrobatics show’s stage looks unchanged.


Unstrung’s temporary stage has been erected outside the Kings Dominion Theater. However, unlike in 2015, there are no massive LED video screens; in their place are a handful of faux-stone pillars.


Outside the mazes, scare zones, and shows, Halloween decorations have descended upon all corners of the park.

Less than a week remains until the monsters of Halloween Haunt prowl the paths of Kings Dominion once again. We’ll be at the park on opening night, so don’t forget to follow Busch Dominion on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest updates. If you have any questions, comments, or info to share, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below or join the discussion on The ParkFans Forum.


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