A Look Into Busch Gardens’ Project 2017 Teaser

Busch Gardens Williamsburg shocked fans when they released a surprising teaser regarding a “Project 2017,” on Friday, January 29th. You can view the full teaser below:

So what exactly does this mean? Well, that’s just it; we have very few clues as to what this project entails. However, a few easter eggs can be found inside the video, which just might point us in the right direction.

The first clue is heard in Vice President of Engineering, Larry Giles’ dialogue when Vice President of Marketing, Dan Dipiazzo, first walks into the discussion room. Giles states, “We have to clear all the way over here…” This dialogue may be random and have nothing to do with any actual plans, but it does imply that some amount of construction or landscaping will occur. However, the real teaser of this video is what Larry says next: “The drop will be right over here…”

These two statements may very well imply the construction of a new ride. And with the word “drop” involved, the park may even be teasing a coaster.

But, are these true teasers, or something to just throw fans off?

With both logos being displayed in the ending screen, could 2017 also be a year for an attraction at Water Country USA? We can’t rule anything out at this point, so a new Water Country USA attraction may be possible. Even if this teaser doesn’t regard a Water Country USA attraction, it’s impossible to determine what we may encounter down the road.

The most interesting fact about this teaser is how early it was released. Just last year the park was completely silent about Tempesto, and didn’t even acknowledge the ride’s existence until just a month before it opened. The last time Busch Gardens revealed anything so early was fall 2010, when they first teased Verbolten before officially announcing the coaster in fall 2011. But how long will the park wait before they make an announcement this time?   

Busch Gardens definitely caught the community off-guard with this one, and they’ve certainly left us guessing as to what’s coming next.

So… what do YOU think is in store for Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2017?

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