InvadR Clearing, Food & Wine Festival Update, and More

To say there are a couple projects going on at Busch Gardens Williamsburg would be an understatement. From getting ready to build a new roller coaster, preparing for a new show, or prepping for a special event, plenty is happening at Busch Gardens. I got out and rounded up all the pictures and updates I could on the ongoing projects, like the InvadR land clearing and construction, All for One construction, Food and Wine Festival preparations and a little something new pertaining to Howl-O-Scream. Let’s check it out!

InvadR Clearing Work

A couple of weeks ago, construction walls were erected in New France, and this week, tree clearing began all over the InvadR construction site. You can easily view the clearing from several viewpoints in the park. The construction fences even have holes cut out for easy viewing, along with plenty of gaps along the way. You can see the entire construction site from the train en route from Festa Italia to Caribou Station, or you can get an up-close aerial view from Le Scoot Log Flume. You’ll notice a stark change in the landscape of this once forested area, but thankfully not all of the trees have been removed. Some clearing and demolition has even occurred close to the village side of the site, including inside New France. Here’s the latest look at the InvadR construction site:

Additionally, a new opportunity to get your name on the construction-fence artwork has been released by the park. The full information about that can be found here

Food & Wine Festival Preparations

The fourth annual Food & Wine Festival is quickly approaching, and preparations have already begun! The new Hawaii booth, which will include a tiki bar, is taking shape on the outskirts of the Wild Reserve just outside Killarney, and small preparations have begun for the new Virginia booth in Heatherdowns. Meanwhile, the Caribbean and American Southwest booths have been set up in their respective locations, along with a couple of the Art of Food booths and the Scotch Tasting Booth in Heatherdowns. You can view pictures of all these preparations below.

All For One Construction

As summer approaches, we’re getting closer to another new attraction opening at the park, the new nighttime show in the Royal Palace Theatre: All For One! Many changes are occurring in preparation for the show. The sound stages – the large boxes on both sides of the old stage that hid speakers behind a scrim – were demolished. To expand the stage, multiple platform structures have been added to the front of the existing stage, extending it a bit further and giving the front of the stage ground access. Photos of All For One’s construction can be viewed below.

Cut Throat Cove Demolition  

Here’s something you might not have been aware of. Howl-O-Scream may seem far away, but the park may be getting a head start on some new projects.

The rumors were true: we can confirm that the Cut Throat Cove maze in Festa Italia has been completely demolished, with the exception of a few free-standing props. Only a single tent remains, has been hollowed out and is being used for on-site construction work. A few pallets of wood have appeared on site, so it seems work on whatever is replacing Cut Throat Cove may begin soon. Frankly, I’m impressed by the park’s uncharacteristically proactive approach to the maze, which could be a promising sign. So far, there’s been no word from the park on what to expect in Festa Field this fall, but it’s never too early to begin speculating.

You can view a couple pictures of the backside of the former Cut Throat Cove site below, which now has a large dumpster sitting on it with demolition materials inside.

The park is buzzing with exciting new projects underway at every turn. As usual, we’ll be there to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings with all of these projects. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, join in on the discussion on The ParkFans Forum or by leaving a comment below!




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